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46 Stoller Rd, Trout Lake, WA

Do a google search for “Trout Lake Abbey” and it will get you here

Directions to Trout Lake Abbey
Hwy 84 east from Portland.
(Trout Lake is about 21 miles from the 84 freeway)
Take the US-30 exit, EXIT 64, toward OR-35/MT. HOOD HWY./WHITE SALMON/GOVT. CAMP over the bridge towards Washington State. There is a toll Bridge – the toll cost is $1.00
Turn LEFT and go about 2 miles
TURN RIGHT onto WA 141 Alt (Just before the White Salmon River Bridge) If you go into Skamania County you’ve gone too far.

Turn LEFT at the top of the hill onto WA 141
Go about 21 miles past Husum and BZ Corners
You’ll see a lodging sign “Trout Lake Abbey”
Turn RIGHT onto Warner Rd. (there is a brown sign to Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge 10 miles, then a green sign Trout Lake and Glenwood – arrow to right) You can see the mile marker 21 just ahead as you turn.
Go 1.0 mile. Go past Trout Lake Farms and Sunnyside Drive to your right
Turn RIGHT onto Stoller Rd. Just past a row of mailboxes. Warner sort of dead ends – the main traffic route is to the left but we are to the RIGHT.
Go about 0.4 miles – the Abbey is the last house on the paved road on the LEFT (you will see a large field and a 3 story tall red barn) and there is a sign Trout Lake Abbey at our driveway.

Zen Buddhist Saying:

“Realization makes
Every place a temple,
The absolute endows
All beings with the true eye.
When you come to grasp it,
You find it was ever
Before your eyes.
If you can see clear
What is before your very eyes,
It is what fills the ten directions;
When you see what fills
The ten directions,
You find it is only what is before your eyes.”

— Daikaku (1213-1279)