雪山禅寺 + Tuyết Sơn Thiền Tự

Mount Adams Zen Buddhist Temple

at Trout Lake Abbey
46 Stoller Road, Trout Lake WA 98650

The Mount Adams Thien Buddhist Temple is small country temple with both Northern & Southern Chan (Thien) traditions. We have services on Saturday mornings at 9AM plus meditation services most mornings and some evenings. Please check our website for times.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to work towards the cessation of suffering by providing Meditation and Dharma (the teachings) education and support for our community.

Our Temple:

Mailing Address
PO Box 487
Trout Lake, WA 98650
Telephone: 509.395.2030

Physical Address
46 Stoller Rd.,
Trout Lake WA 98650

Our Sanga (fellowship):

We are a mixture of individuals with many different religions who choose to practice meditation and follow the Dharma. The Mount Adams Zen Buddhist Temple is small country temple in the Thien tradition of Vietnam and the Chan tradition of China.

Zen Buddhist Saying:

“I'd like to offer something to help you,
but in the zen school we don't have a single thing!” — Ikkyu

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We are happy to be a member of the Northwest Dharma Association and encourage you to consider joining.